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Giant Games in Little Boxes

Games that punch above their weight!  The Giant Games series provides heavy-weight fun at a great budget price.  Representing excellent value-for-money, these entertaining party games are sure-fire winners! 

The Name Game
In this quick-fire game players must race to describe a wide variety of famous characters, places and objects for their team-mates to guess. Categories include: Famous People, Places, Objects, Pastimes & Professions, Natural World and Pot Luck. The Name Game is fantastic fun for friends & family, dinner guests & chums!

Mime Time
This classic acting party game is jam-packed with hundreds of mimes that are simply guaranteed to keep everyone amused for hours. It’s a rib-tickling race to act out a mime from each of the six popular categories. One moment you might be miming ‘Fiddler On The Roof’ the next you’re ‘Sleeping like a log’ or maybe even ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’! Played against the clock, Mime Time is instant fun and laughter for budding actors of all ages!

Humm Bug
Old songs, new songs, love songs and blues songs... Humm Bug is the ultimate musical humming game that is a marvellous mix of fun & nostalgia! You’ll soon be humming popular songs from the ‘50s all the way through to the present day! Everything from ABBA & Lady Gaga through to Wheatus & ZZ Top..! Whistling, singing or la-la-ing is strictly forbidden ~ and you’re up against the clock!

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