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Drinking Games - Gargle

Drinking Games - Gargle



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Product description


Classic songs as you have never heard them before! Hours of wet 'n' soggy fun are guaranteed in this game in which you have to gurgle, glug and gargle the tunes to famous songs!
From 'Singin' in the Rain' and 'Yellow Submarine' to 'Waterloo'!

It's the game in which you are sure to wet yourself with laughter!

Contains: Deck of 55 Gargle cards

Suits: 18+

Product details

Product Name: Drinking Games - Gargle
Product Code: 10502
Pack Quantity: 12
Suitability: 18+
Dimensions (mm): 138 / 85 / 22
Weight (g): 95
Barcode: 5015766010502
Availability: In Stock
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