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Drinking Games - Ratted

Drinking Games - Ratted



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Product description


Two great games in one for twice the drinking fun!

In these two outrageous drinking games players try to match pairs of cards whilst trying to smell a rat! Get caught with a rotten rodent and squeal!... you're Ratted and you have to take a drinking forfeit! Will you pick the rat and end up downing your drink? Remember... don't get trapped with the rat or you'll be ratted!

Contains: Deck of 55 Ratted cards

Suits: 18+

Product details

Product Name: Drinking Games - Ratted
Product Code: 10526
Pack Quantity: 12
Suitability: 18+
Dimensions (mm): 138 / 85 / 22
Weight (g): 95
Barcode: 5015766010526
Availability: In Stock
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