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Game Pod (Shaggy Dog Stories)

Game Pod (Shaggy Dog Stories)
Game Pod (Shaggy Dog Stories)



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Product description

Our great new card dispenser is the perfect pocket packet... elegantly designed, the Game Pod keeps cards safe and secure. Simply draw from the front, play your game and slip the card back into the Pod. Ideally suited to travel, you can pop it in your pocket abnd take your favourite family game wherever you go!

Shaggy Dog Stories: Players have to weave a wacky tale and hide three key words within. Points are scored for words guessed or missed! Let your imagination run riot!

Other Game Pod titles include: Humm Bug; Kids Charades

Product details

Product Name: Game Pod (Shaggy Dog Stories)
Product Code: 36021
Pack Quantity: 9
Suitability: 12+
Dimensions (mm): 100 / 210 / 29
Weight (g): 201
Barcode: 5015766036021
Availability: In Stock
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