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Host Your Own Race Night

Host Your Own Race Night
Host Your Own Race Night



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Product description

Far and away... the market leader! It's the play-at-home day at the races that's great fun for friends and family! This edition has 32 nail-biting races to keep you enthralled.

Includes: 2 x DVDs (each DVD featuring 16 races) money, betting slips, bookies board, write 'n' wipe pen, form guide and rules. Host a fantastic night to remember... you only have to provide the players!

Age: 14+


Product details

Product Name: Host Your Own Race Night
Product Code: 23250
Pack Quantity: 6
Suitability: 14+
Dimensions (mm): 268 / 69 / 268
Weight (g): 761
Barcode: 5015766023250
Availability: In Stock
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