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Spot The Intro Board Game

Spot The Intro Board Game
Spot The Intro Board Game



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Product description

The greatest musical recognition game!

This great game features an audio CD with hundreds of music clips plus a thrilling card-based rock & pop trivia quiz. It's an entertaining contest to reach the top of the charts as you race to identify clips of music and answer questions from the 60s right through to the present day. A fantastic game to bring the whole family together for musical fun!

Suits ages: 14+     2-4 teams

Product details

Product Name: Spot The Intro Board Game
Product Code: 18140
Pack Quantity: 6
Suitability: 14+
Dimensions (mm): 270 / 270 / 70
Weight (g): 962
Barcode: 5015766018140
Availability: In Stock
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