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Host Your Own Quiz Night

Host Your Own Quiz Night
Host Your Own Quiz Night



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Product description

Jam-packed with fun, Quiz Night has enough unique questions for you to hold over 50 trivia parties. So gather your contestants, sort out the snacks, brush up on your general knowledge, and sharpen your pencils... let a lighthearted battle of brains begin! With 2,000 questions two teams go head to head over 8 rounds. Keep a running score with the table-top flip scorers.

Categories include Food & Drink, Sports & Pastimes, Music, TV & Film, Science & Nature, History, Arts & Literature and People & Places. There's something to suit everyone!

Age: 16+


Product details

Product Name: Host Your Own Quiz Night
Product Code: 14500
Pack Quantity: 6
Suitability: 16+
Dimensions (mm): 180 / 72 / 267
Weight (g): 1,025
Barcode: 5015766014500
Availability: In Stock
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