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3D Bookmarks (Raining Cats & Dogs)
Quite simply, they are the best in the world! Increasingly imitated but never bettered, this rang..
Ex Tax: £9.00
Howard Robinson Double-Sided Selfie Puzzle (Buddies)
Our double-sided 'Selfie' puzzles come with three appealing images. Each colourful puzzle has the sa..
Ex Tax: £24.00
Howard Robinson Mini Selfie Puzzle (Pets)
Our 'Selfie' puzzles feature simply adorable images of animals enthusiastically participating in the..
Ex Tax: £20.00
Keychain Poppers
Mini poppers tethered to a keychain! Take your addictive little companion everywhere! Tied to ..
Ex Tax: £48.00
Squeeze Poppers (Dog)
Load, squeeze and fire! See HERE The long-proven popularity of the Squeeze Poppers makes them you..
Ex Tax: £60.00
Squeeze Poppers (Pug)
NEW: PUG The long-proven popularity of the Squeeze Poppers makes them your must-stock collec..
Ex Tax: £60.00
Table Top Flipping Pets
Wow – they can do perfect back-flips! Wind 'em up... set 'em down... and... wait for it... 'FLIP'..
Ex Tax: £18.00
Underwater Dogs Puzzle (Rocco)
Man's best friends... as never seen before! Already best-sellers as calendars and books, these ca..
Ex Tax: £39.00
Game Pod (Shaggy Dog Stories)
Our great new card dispenser is the perfect pocket packet... elegantly designed, the Game Pod keeps ..
Ex Tax: £45.00
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