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Pickles to Penguins

Pickles to Penguins
Pickles to Penguins



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Product description


Pickles to Penguins is the frantic party game where you link the pictures to win. There's no taking turns - it's just a mad-cap race to play out your hand as fast as you can, by figuring out what your cards and the cards in play have in common.

There are hundreds of pictures, but how many can you link together? Pickles to Penguins is fast-paced fun for all the family!

Suits ages 8+   2+ Players

Product details

Product Name: Pickles to Penguins
Product Code: 01968
Pack Quantity: 6
Suitability: 8+
Dimensions (mm): 268 / 67 / 268
Weight (g): 920
Barcode: 5015766001968
Availability: In Stock
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