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World's Smallest Puzzles (Prague Bridges)

World's Smallest Puzzles (Prague Bridges)



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Product description

Bringing the world closer!

Featuring stunning images of some of man's more exceptional buildings and creations from across the globe, each puzzle in this set is A3-sized but crammed with 1000 jigsaw pieces.

Smaller usually means easier - but don't be fooled! In practice these puzzles are far more challenging than their larger cousins... You have been warned!

Other titles include: Machu Picchu; Matterhorn; Neuschwanstein Castle; Tower Bridge; Venice Canals.

Product details

Product Name: World's Smallest Puzzles (Prague Bridges)
Product Code: 13992
Pack Quantity: 6
Suitability: 12+
Dimensions (mm): 185 / 185 / 50
Weight (g): 300
Barcode: 5015766013992
Availability: In Stock
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