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Sack of Moustaches

Sack of Moustaches
Sack of Moustaches



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Product description

It's crazy chain-making with a difference!

The 'tash is in! And with Movember raising awareness each year, just ahead of Christmas, the 'Sack' is a topical product. Each sack contains a set of crisply moulded moustaches with finely curved ends. Shake them onto a table and then see how many you can link one-by-one to make a chain. Addictive social fun, the record stands at 30 (at the time of going to press) but it's rising fast!

Product details

Product Name: Sack of Moustaches
Product Code: 38001
Pack Quantity: 12
Suitability: 8+
Dimensions (mm): 100 / 100 / 120
Weight (g): 135
Barcode: 5015766038001
Availability: In Stock
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