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Shit Happens

Shit Happens Shit Happens
Shit Happens



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Product description

Already a hit in the USA, Shit Happens is a dilemmas card game... for adults only!

Is third degree sunburn BETTER or WORSE than seeing your father naked? Is it WORSE than dropping your phone down the toilet? Let's face it - SHIT HAPPENS to all of us, right? So we've turned it into a game full of shitty situations that you'll have to rank from bad, to awful to OMG!

Includes 200 SHIT HAPPENS situation cards. Suits: 2-8 players, ages 18+ 


Product details

Product Name: Shit Happens
Product Code: 05805
Pack Quantity: 8
Suitability: 18+
Dimensions (mm): 110 / 160 / 47
Weight (g): 573
Barcode: 5015766005805
Availability: In Stock
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