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Underwater Dogs Puzzle (Rocco)

Underwater Dogs Puzzle (Rocco)



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Product description

Man's best friends... as never seen before!

Already best-sellers as calendars and books, these canine photographs by Seth Casteel are perfect as jigsaw puzzles. Take a dog, throw something they love to catch into water and then capture them on film - it's a stroke of genius that turns heads and makes an unusual gift for fans of our most loyal companions.

This 1000-piece puzzle (680mm x 480mm) features 'Rocco' diving into water to retrieve his tennis ball.

Other title: Underwater Puppies.

Product details

Product Name: Underwater Dogs Puzzle (Rocco)
Product Code: 28200
Pack Quantity: 6
Suitability: 12+
Dimensions (mm): 332 / 280 / 52
Weight (g): 806
Barcode: 5015766028200
Availability: In Stock
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